Ivy Hospital

Ivy Hospital is more than just a building in Chandigarh. It’s a testament to the dedication and commitment of numerous professionals striving for one common goal – health and well-being for everyone.

Since its inception, Ivy Hospital has been diligently providing a broad spectrum of medical services, transforming lives with its unwavering commitment to quality healthcare.

Within its walls, you find a myriad of departments catering to various health needs. From emergency care to orthopedics, it’s a comprehensive healthcare hub.

The dedicated team behind Ivy Hospital works round the clock, leaving no stone unturned to provide the best care.

But Ivy Hospital is more than just a healthcare provider. It’s an institution that shapes our community, partnering with local organizations to make Chandigarh a healthier place to live.

Come along as we delve deeper into the story of Ivy Hospital, a pivotal player in our city’s health scene.


Brief Overview of Ivy Hospital

Ivy Hospital, a prominent healthcare facility, has been serving the residents of Mohali and its surroundings since 2008.

When you think of Ivy Hospital, imagine a building where the most modern medical tools are used, and some of the best doctors in the region are working together to keep us healthy.

History and Establishment

Ivy Hospital first opened its doors in 2008, making it one of the long-standing medical institutions in our region. Over the years, it has grown into a leading hospital in Mohali.

When it was first built, the founders had one main goal: to provide top-quality healthcare to everyone who needed it. They saw a need for a state-of-the-art medical facility in our area, and they fulfilled it by establishing Ivy Hospital.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Ivy Hospital is simple but powerful: to offer the best healthcare possible. This means that the hospital is dedicated to making sure that all patients receive excellent medical care.

Whether it’s a minor injury or a serious illness, the doctors and nurses at Ivy Hospital are committed to helping everyone get better.

Ivy Hospital’s vision is to be a hospital that people trust and rely on. They work tirelessly to be a healthcare facility that stands out not only in Mohali but also in the whole region.

To achieve this, they continually strive to improve their services and keep their equipment updated. This vision pushes them to be a hospital that’s always ready to provide the best possible care.

Services and Specialties at Ivy Hospital

List of Departments and Their Functions

Ivy Hospital is home to a wide variety of departments, each dedicated to treating different aspects of health. Here are some of them:


This department specializes in treating heart conditions.

Critical Care & ICU

They provide intensive care for patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses.


This department handles everything related to oral health.


They take care of skin, hair, and nails.


They help patients with nutrition and diet plans.


This department treats diseases that affect the glands.


They handle conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat.

Eye Care

This department provides care for various eye conditions.

Gastro Surgery (HPB and GI Surgery)

They perform surgeries related to the digestive system.


This department treats diseases affecting the digestive system.

General Surgery

They perform various types of surgeries.

Internal Medicine

This department treats a variety of internal health conditions.


They assist couples facing infertility issues.

Nephrology and Renal Transplant

They specialize in kidney care and transplantation.

Neuro Surgery

They perform surgeries on the brain and nervous system.


This department treats conditions of the nervous system.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

They provide care for women’s health and during pregnancy.


This department specializes in treating cancer.

Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

They treat conditions related to bones, joints, and muscles.


This department tests and diagnoses diseases.


They provide care for infants, children, and adolescents.


This department helps patients restore and maintain their physical mobility.

Plastic Surgery

They perform surgeries to repair or reconstruct physical features.


This department deals with mental health conditions.


They treat lung conditions.


This department uses imaging to diagnose diseases.


They specialize in treating rheumatic diseases.


This department deals with urinary tract diseases.

Advanced Medical Technologies Used

Ivy Hospital uses the latest medical technologies to provide the best healthcare possible. These technologies enable doctors to diagnose diseases early, plan effective treatment strategies, and even perform surgeries with precision.

Accommodation and Patient Care Services

At Ivy Hospital, the comfort and well-being of patients is a priority. They offer clean and comfortable accommodations to make a patient’s stay as pleasant as possible.

They also have a dedicated team of nurses and support staff who provide round-the-clock patient care services, ensuring everyone feels cared for and supported during their time at the hospital.

Visiting Ivy Hospital

Location and Directions

Ivy Hospital is conveniently located in Sector 71, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071. If you’re planning to visit, you might want to use a map or GPS to guide you.

The hospital’s exact address can be inputted into your device, and it should provide the quickest route based on your current location.

Operating Hours

One of the best things about Ivy Hospital is that it’s open 24 hours a day, every day. That means, no matter what time you need medical attention, whether it’s the middle of the day or late at night, they are ready to serve you.

Visitor Guidelines and Protocols

Visiting a patient at Ivy Hospital? Remember, the hospital has certain rules to ensure the safety and comfort of all patients. It’s important to respect visiting hours and patient privacy.

Also, make sure to keep noise levels low so as not to disturb other patients. Due to current health concerns, there might also be rules on wearing masks and sanitizing hands, so it’s best to check the hospital’s guidelines before visiting.

Patient Visit Scheduling System

To manage the flow of visitors and ensure that everyone gets a chance to visit their loved ones, Ivy Hospital may have a visit scheduling system in place.

This system helps prevent overcrowding and maintains a quiet, restful environment for all patients. You can get more information about this and how to schedule your visit by calling the hospital at 062395 02002 or checking their website at https://ivyhospital.com/.

They also have a contact form at https://ivyhospital.com/contact-us if you have any questions or need more information.

How Ivy Hospital Benefits the Chandigarh Community

Contribution to Local Healthcare

Since Ivy Hospital is open 24/7, it serves as a reliable healthcare provider for the people of Chandigarh. It offers a wide range of medical services and departments, meaning that no matter what health problem someone might have, they can find help here.

The hospital’s commitment to excellent healthcare significantly contributes to the overall health and well-being of our community. It’s like a safety net, always there to catch us when we need medical attention.

Partnerships with Local Institutions

Ivy Hospital also works with other institutions in Chandigarh to improve our healthcare system. These partnerships may include sharing resources, conducting joint research, or hosting health-related events and workshops.

By working together, Ivy Hospital and its partners are able to provide better services and reach more people in our community.

Community Programs and Outreach

One of the most special things about Ivy Hospital is its dedication to serving our community beyond its hospital walls.

They host various programs and outreach activities aimed at promoting health and wellness. These might include health awareness campaigns, free check-ups, health education programs, and more.

These efforts show Ivy Hospital’s commitment to not only treating illnesses but also preventing them by educating the community about health and wellness. So, Ivy Hospital is not just a place people go when they’re sick, but also a place that helps us learn how to stay healthy.

Ivy Hospital Achievements and Recognition

National and International Accolades

The amazing work of Ivy Hospital hasn’t gone unnoticed. They have been recognized for their outstanding service to the community and commitment to healthcare.

One significant achievement is their accreditation by NABH, a national organization that acknowledges hospitals for meeting strict quality and safety standards. This recognition is a testament to the high level of care Ivy Hospital provides.

Distinguished Doctors and Staff Members

At the heart of Ivy Hospital’s achievements are its skilled and dedicated doctors and staff members. These healthcare heroes work tirelessly to provide the best care to their patients.

Many of them have received awards and recognitions for their dedication and commitment to their profession, further proving that Ivy Hospital is a place where expertise and compassion meet.

Research Contributions

In addition to providing top-notch healthcare, Ivy Hospital is also involved in medical research. Their efforts help in developing new treatments and improving existing ones, thus contributing to the advancement of medicine.

These research activities have earned Ivy Hospital a place in the medical research community, making it not just a place to get treated, but also a place where new medical knowledge is created.

Through their research, Ivy Hospital not only helps its patients but also contributes to the broader medical field, benefiting people around the world.

How to Stay Updated with Ivy Hospital

Following Ivy Hospital on Social Media

Social media is a great way to stay connected with Ivy Hospital. They may have accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where they post updates, share health tips, and even announce upcoming events.

By following them, you can get all these updates directly on your social media feed. Plus, if you have any questions or need help, you can send them a message through these platforms.

Subscribing to Ivy Hospital’s Newsletter

Another fantastic way to stay updated is by subscribing to Ivy Hospital’s newsletter. This is a periodic email that they send out with the latest news, health tips, and information about their services.

To subscribe, you usually just need to provide your email address. Then, you’ll start receiving the newsletter right in your inbox!

Attending Ivy Hospital’s Events and Webinars

Ivy Hospital often hosts events and webinars that are open to the public. These might be health workshops, information sessions, or even webinars where you can learn about different health topics.

Attending these events is a great way to stay connected with Ivy Hospital and learn something new. Keep an eye on their website and social media for announcements about upcoming events and how to participate.


Ivy Hospital is much more than just a medical facility in Chandigarh. Its remarkable services, cutting-edge technology, dedicated staff, and deep commitment to the community set it apart as a standout healthcare provider.

From their broad range of specialties to their education and outreach programs, they ensure that everyone in the community has access to top-notch healthcare and health education.

Moreover, their achievements and research contributions show that they are not only treating illnesses today but also shaping the future of medicine.

Stay connected with Ivy Hospital through social media, newsletters, and events to make sure you’re up to date with all their offerings and updates. After all, being informed is an important part of staying healthy!

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