Chandigarh Bird Park

Chandigarh Bird Park Gate


Chandigarh Bird Park is a popular attraction in the city of Chandigarh, India. The park covers an area of over 27 acres and is home to a wide variety of birds, including flamingos, pelicans, parakeets, and peacocks. The park also features a lake, a walk-through aviary, and a children’s play area. It is a popular destination for families and nature enthusiasts.

Entry Fee

Rs 30 for children 5 to 12 years, Rs 50 for adult (Indian), Rs 100 for adults (foreigners)

Visit Timings

10:00 AM To 05:00 PM

Things To Do

  1. Explore the two aviaries
  2. Navgraha Vatika
  3. Nakshatra Vatika
  4. Rashi Vatika
  5. Cafeteria
  6. Checkout The waterfowl pond
  7. Enjoy the The nature trail
  8. Souvenir Shop

Overview & History

Chandigarh, “The Green City,” got its first bird park. On November 16th, 2021, the Honorable First Lady of India, Savita Kovind, officially opened Chandigarh Bird Park. Since its inauguration, the park has become a popular destination for tourists from all over the country. The park was designed specifically for the exotic birds commonly found in India and offers plenty of space for each individual bird, including a 58-foot flying height and a total ground area of approximately 200×150 feet each for terrestrial birds and aquatic birds.

The aviary structure is designed to create an ideal habitat for thousands of birds with varying canopies by enclosing them in a structure with plenty of plants for food and shelter. The needs of the birds are carefully considered when planting each herb, shrub, bush, or tree.

According to Debendra Dalai, Chief Conservator of Forests for the UT, the bird park is based on the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore and is expected to be the tallest aviary structure in the country.


First Lady Savita Kovind inaugurated the Chandigarh Bird Park

Chandigarh Bird Park Timings

Chandigarh Bird Park timings are between 10:00 morning to 5:00 evening, 5 days a week.

Note: The Chandigarh Bird Park will be closed every Monday and Tuesday for regular maintenance and to allow the birds to rest.

Chandigarh Bird Park Ticket Price

chandigarh bird park ticket counter
chandigarh bird park entry fees


Ticket Rate  (Per person)

Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Adult) [Indian]

Rs. 50/-

Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Adult) [Foreigner]

Rs. 100/-

Entry ticket fee for Bird Park (Children 5 to 12 years)

Rs. 30/-

Entry ticket fee for Tamed Section (Adult/ Children) [Indian]

Rs. 100/-

Entry ticket fee for Tamed Section (Adult) [Foreigner]

Rs. 500/-

Entry Fee for Students?

School students from UT Chandigarh and their accompanying teachers will be allowed free entry to the Bird park on an educational trip, provided they obtain prior permission from the Department. Please note that only a maximum of 30 students and 2 teachers are allowed from one school per day.


How To Reach Bird Park in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh Bird Park Gate

Chandigarh Bird Park is located in the Sukhna Lake area of the city. The park is easily accessible by public transport as well as private vehicles.

By Bus: One can take a bus from any part of the city to reach the park. The park is well connected by local bus services and tourists can alight at the Sukhna Lake bus stop to reach the park.

By Auto-rickshaw or Taxi: Auto-rickshaws and taxis are easily available in the city. The park is located at a distance of around 6 km from the main city center.

By Car: The park is easily accessible by private vehicles and has ample parking space available. Tourists can also opt for self-drive car rentals to reach the park.

Overall, Chandigarh Bird Park can be easily reached by locals and tourists.

Main attractions at Chandigarh Bird Park

chandigarh bird park main attraction points
Extensive range of birds at bird park
birds at bird park chandigarh

Extensive range of birds

The Chandigarh Bird Park is said to have around 1,500 exotic birds of 46 different species. If you are a bird lover, you are going to love this place for sure. You get a guided tour of the aviaries to click pictures with the birds.

Navgraha Vatika
Navgraha Vatika in bird park chandigarh
Navgraha Vatika at bird park chandigarh

Navgraha Vatika

The term “NAV” refers to the number nine, “GRAHA” refers to the planets, and “VATIKA” means garden. Navgraha Vatika is a garden that represents the nine planets, also known as grahas, through the use of plants, trees, bushes, and grasses.

These elements are carefully placed in a specific sequence to harness the benefits of the nine planets. This garden, which is based on astronomical and astrological principles, represents the positive influence of the nine planets on human life. 

By walking through the Navgraha Vatika, you can experience the positive energy and purified air that surrounds it.

Nakshatra Vatika in bird park chandigarh
Nakshatra Vatika at chandigarh bird park

Nakshatra Vatika

In Hindu astrology and Indian Astronomy, a nakshatra refers to a lunar mansion. It is associated with certain plants and trees and is also linked to certain zodiac signs.

The sculpture located in the garden is an impressive sight that inspires a sense of awe and humility in viewers. It is a reminder of the superior forces at work in the cosmos.

Rashi Vatika at chandigarh bird park

Rashi Vatika

In Hindu astrology, each Rashi or zodiac sign has a corresponding type of plant. This garden is dedicated to showcasing these plants. For example, Taurus is associated with Jamun, Leo with dhaak, and Pisces with mango. In India, it is a longstanding astrological practice to adopt a plant associated with one’s rashi or zodiac sign, as it is believed to bring growth and positivity to one’s life.


There are two types of aviaries: aquatic and terrestrial. Each aviary provides detailed information about the birds on display, which can be educational for the public.

Aquatic Aviary at chandigarh bird park

The Aquatic Aviary is a bird habitat that features a water source and various perching options for the birds. It has been observed that the birds in this aviary, including White Swans and Black Swans, have a behavior of taking water while in flight, similar to swallows, and skimming along the surface of a lake.

Terrestrial Aviary at chandigarh bird park

The Terrestrial Aviary is a large enclosure for housing land-dwelling birds. It is typically spacious enough for a bird expert to enter and is used for the care and confinement of captive birds. Some of the species found in this aviary include Budgerigars and Golden Pheasants.

Chandigarh Bird Park Exit
Cafeteria at chandigarh bird park
chandigarh bird park Cafeteria sitting area


After you have finished observing the birds in the aviaries, you may feel hungry. Don’t worry, as the bird park has a cafeteria located at the exit where you can get a quick snack or beverage.

Exotica Souvenir Shop at chandigarh bird park

Souvenir Shop

Consider visiting the Exotica Souvenir Shop for a memento of your trip to Chandigarh’s Bird Park. The shop offers a variety of items, such as t-shirts, to help you remember your enjoyable day at the bird park.

Interesting Facts Bird Park Chandigarh

Educational Significance of Bird Park

domistic muscovy duck information at chandigarh bird park
domistic muscovy duck at chandigarh bird park
Black swan information at chandigarh bird park
black swans in aquatic aviary bird park chandigarh
black swans resting in aquatic aviary bird park chandigarh

The project, initiated by the Department of Forest and Wildlife in the Chandigarh Union Territory, aims not only to provide entertainment for citizens but also to educate them about the exotic birds found in India, which make up more than 10% of their global population. 

These birds can be found throughout the Indian subcontinent and the department hopes to raise awareness about the challenges they face due to industrialization, especially in a developing country like India.

One of the main educational significance of Chandigarh Bird Park is that it serves as a living classroom for students to learn about the different types of birds and their habitats. The park has a variety of bird species, including waterfowl, pheasants, parakeets, and peacocks, among others. 

Visitors can learn about the different characteristics and behaviors of each species through the park’s informative signage and guided tours.

Types & Varieties of birds in both aviaries of Bird Park Chandigarh

The Chandigarh Bird Park is home to a variety of birds, including both native and exotic species.

There are two aviaries at the park: the Aquatic Aviary and the Terrestrial Aviary.

The Aquatic Aviary is home to a range of waterbirds, including pelicans, storks, cranes, and flamingos.

Visitors can see these birds in their natural habitat, as the aviary is designed to mimic the wetlands where they would typically be found. The Aquatic Aviary is also home to a variety of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.

The Terrestrial Aviary is home to a range of land-based birds, including parakeets, parrots, and various species of finches. There are also owls, eagles, and vultures on display in this aviary. Visitors can see these birds up close and learn about their unique characteristics and behaviors.

In context, Chandigarh Bird Park is home to a diverse array of birds, with something for everyone to enjoy. From the colorful and exotic species in the Terrestrial Aviary to the majestic waterbirds in the Aquatic Aviary, there is always something new and interesting to see.


Conservation efforts at Bird Park

To ensure the conservation of birds in the region, the Chandigarh Bird Park engages in various activities. These activities include breeding programs for endangered birds, habitat restoration efforts, and educational programs for visitors on the importance of preserving wildlife. 

Additionally, the park collaborates with local and international organizations to promote bird conservation and protect threatened species. Through these efforts, the park is able to raise awareness and take action to protect these beautiful creatures, making a significant impact on bird conservation in the region.


Instructions for visitors for bird park

How can Citizens help keep Chandigarh Bird Park Clean and Safe?

There are several ways in which citizens can help keep Chandigarh Bird Park clean and safe:

  1. Follow all park rules and regulations: Make sure to dispose of trash properly and refrain from littering, feeding the birds any non-permitted items, or disturbing the birds in any way.
  2. Respect the wildlife: Observe the birds from a distance and avoid making loud noises or chasing them.
  3. Volunteer to clean up the park: Join local conservation groups or volunteer your time to clean up the park and keep it litter-free.
  4. Educate others: Spread awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting the bird park and its inhabitants.
  5. Support conservation efforts: Donate to organizations that work towards preserving the park and its wildlife.
  6. Report any incidents of abuse or neglect: If you witness any illegal activity or animal abuse, report it to the park authorities or local law enforcement.

How can Tourists help keep Chandigarh Bird Park Clean and Safe?

There are several ways tourists can help keep the Chandigarh Bird Park clean and safe:

  1. Properly dispose of trash – tourists should make sure to dispose of their trash in the designated garbage bins, rather than littering the park grounds.
  2. Respect the wildlife – tourists should not feed the birds or try to touch them, as this can harm the birds and disturb their natural habitats.
  3. Follow park rules – tourists should follow all park rules and regulations, such as staying on designated paths and not disturbing any plant life.
  4. Report any incidents – tourists should report any incidents or issues they observe to park staff, such as animal abuse or vandalism.
  5. Support conservation efforts – tourists can support conservation efforts by purchasing items from the park gift shop or donating to the park’s conservation efforts.

By following these simple guidelines, tourists can help keep the Chandigarh Bird Park clean and safe for all visitors to enjoy.

After Visiting Bird Park, Where Can You Visit Next?

Here is a table that shows the distance from Chandigarh Bird Park to various tourist attractions in Chandigarh.


Distance (km)

Rock Garden

1.0 km

Sukhna Lake

1.1 km

Le Corbusier Centre 

3.1 km 

Shanti Kunj Garden 

3.3 km

Terraced Garden 

6.0 km

ISKCON Temple 

7.6 km

Elante Mall 

7.7 km



FAQs about Chandigarh Bird Park

The bird park sprawls on around 6.5 acres of land in Nagar Van and at present houses around 780 exotic birds, 280 of which are in pairs.

I List of Things/Items are NOT ALLOWED in Bird Park: Outside food & eatables (sweets, chocolates, mints, mouth freshener, chips, tiffin box, etc.)


Chandigarh Bird Park near Sukhna Lake. It is in Nagar Van, Sector 1, Chandigarh, next to Sukhna Lake. From Sukhna Lake, you can walk there in 10–12 minutes.

The entry fee to Bird Park cost Rs 30 to Rs 100. Rs 30 for children 5 to 12 years, Rs 50 for adult (Indian), Rs 100 for adults (foreigners).


The Chandigarh Bird Park has different kinds of exotic birds, such as those that live in water, on land, or that have been tamed. The tamed birds in this park, which are called “Winged Wonders,” are the main draw.


African Love Birds, Budgerigars, White Swan, Black Swan, Wood duck, Golden Pheasant, Yellow Golden Pheasant, Green Wing Macaw, Dun Conures, African Grey Parrot, Finches and Melanistic Pheasant.

The Indian Grey Hornbill is a special bird. It is the state bird of Chandigarh and is found in abundant numbers in the Inter State Chandigarh Region (ISCR).

Chandigarh Bird Park timings are between 10:00 morning to 5:00 evening, 5 days in a week i.e. it is closed on Monday and Tuesday.