Why One Should Throw Birthday Parties at Trampoline Park

Why One Should Throw Birthday Parties at Trampoline Park

We all know that birthdays are very special occasions, especially for kids, as they’re meant to be celebrated with fun and joy with all their loved ones. While there are various traditional ways to throw a birthday party where you would cut a cake with a lot of balloons and games, do you know that […]

Information Technology (IT) Park

Step into the fascinating world of Information Technology (IT) Park! Ever wondered where the incredible technology we use every day comes from? IT Parks are like magical places where brilliant minds and computers work together to create exciting innovations! At an IT Park, you’ll find talented people developing cool software, apps, and gadgets that make […]

Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation (CITCO)

CITCO, which stands for the Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation, is like a super helper for the city of Chandigarh. It’s a major force that keeps the city growing and glowing, much like the sun gives life to a garden. Formed years ago, CITCO has its hands in many areas, like setting up industries […]

Industrial Areas

Industrial Areas in Chandigarh – they’re not just hubs of hard work and machinery, but dynamic places where ideas turn into reality and where the city’s heart truly beats. Factories producing fascinating goods, inventive minds creating tomorrow’s technologies, and hard-working folks driving our economy forward. This isn’t just any ordinary place; it’s a zone where […]


Industries are like the gears that keep a city moving. They are groups of companies that produce certain types of goods or services, like making toys, growing food, or helping people stay healthy. Each industry plays a special role in our lives, just like each player in a soccer team has a unique position. Imagine […]

Fortis Hospital

Discover Fortis Hospital, the beacon of healthcare excellence in Chandigarh. As a preeminent medical institution, Fortis Hospital stands as a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing top-notch medical care and compassionate services to both residents and visitors of this vibrant city. With an emphasis on delivering excellence, Fortis Hospital boasts a team of skilled […]

Mukat Hospital and Heart Institute

Nestled in the heart of Chandigarh, Mukat Hospital and Heart Institute stands as a beacon of health and care. This isn’t just any hospital. Founded by the visionary Late Sh. Gajinder Singh Ji in 1994, has been serving the community for nearly three decades, making it one of the oldest in the Tricity area. The […]

Max Super Specialty Hospital

Max Super Specialty Hospital, a top-rated healthcare hub in Chandigarh, has been healing people since its establishment in the year 2000. Located in Mohali Sas Nagar, this hospital is not just a beacon of hope for the locals but also for people visiting from different parts of Chandigarh. With a network of 14 hospitals throughout […]

Indus Super Speciality Hospital

Indus Super Speciality Hospital is an extraordinary place where healthcare, expertise, and care come together to serve our community. If you want to know more about this remarkable hospital, you’ve come to the right article! At Indus Super Speciality Hospital, you’ll find top-notch medical facilities and a team of friendly doctors and nurses dedicated to […]

Alchemist Hospital

Step into the remarkable world of Alchemist Hospital, where the wonders of healthcare in Chandigarh unfold! This article is your ticket to discovering the magic behind Alchemist Hospital and its vital role in keeping the community healthy. Imagine a place where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care, where skilled doctors and nurses work together to bring […]