Top Environmental and Sustainability NGOs in Chandigarh

Indian Green Army

The Indian Green Army (IGA Foundation) a proactive NGO in Chandigarh, is a dynamic and action-oriented organization committed to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainability. 

This dynamic NGO in Chandigarh is committed to making a significant impact on the preservation and protection of nature through various environmental initiatives.

With a mission to create a significant impact on the preservation and protection of nature, the Indian Green Army focuses on various environmental initiatives, including awareness campaigns, animal aid, and organizing cleaning drives.

At the heart of their mission is the drive to educate and involve the community in sustainable practices. They emphasize the importance of avoiding single-use plastic and advocate for the welfare of wildlife, particularly in areas where human-wildlife conflict is prevalent due to increasing human populations. 

Their cleaning drives are particularly noteworthy, targeting areas where natural habitats are impacted by waste, thereby protecting the local flora and fauna.

The Indian Green Army‘s vision is to bring together individuals passionate about environmental conservation, providing them a platform to execute their ideas for a greener and more sustainable future. 

Their recent campaigns, such as the Chandigarh Cleanup and Churdhar Cleanup, reflect their commitment to this cause.

To support the Indian Green Army in their noble endeavors, consider making a donation. Your contribution can make a real difference in their ability to carry out vital environmental work. 

Additionally, following them on social media is a great way to stay updated on their activities, campaigns, and ways to get involved. 

By engaging with their social media platforms, you can help spread awareness and motivate others to join the cause. Becoming a part of the Indian Green Army is not just about contributing financially; it’s about being an active participant in building a sustainable and environmentally conscious community.

Healing Himalayas

Healing Himalayas is a dedicated organization working tirelessly for the protection and preservation of the Himalayas. Their vision is to restore the tranquility of this majestic mountain range and retain the charm of Himalayan treks by making them free from garbage and plastic. 

They are committed to overcoming global environmental challenges, particularly those threatening the delicate ecology of the Himalayas.

Their campaigns, such as the Malana Village Cleaning, Kheerganga Cleanup, and Prashar Lake Cleanup, are not just cleaning drives but a sacred promise to be conscious of waste management. 

These initiatives are aimed at restoring beautiful trekking paths and providing trekkers with a clean and healthy environment. The organization offers extensive volunteer opportunities for like-minded individuals to join hands in this noble cause.

The Healing Himalayas team, led by founder Pradeep Sangwan and other dedicated members, reflects a strong commitment to achieving their goals. 

They invite everyone to be a part of their mission by volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word. Every small act contributes to a larger change, and by supporting Healing Himalayas, you can help ensure a brighter future for these majestic mountains.

To support their mission, consider making a donation to aid their efforts in preserving the Himalayan environment. 

Additionally, following them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will keep you updated on their latest campaigns and how you can get involved. Join the Healing Himalayas in their endeavor to protect and heal one of the earth’s most precious natural treasures.