Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) is a prestigious institution located in Chandigarh, dedicated to medical education, research, and patient care. PGIMER stands as a shining example of excellence in the field of medicine.

At PGIMER, passionate doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals come together to unravel the secrets of medicine and find innovative solutions to improve our well-being.

Whether you dream of becoming a doctor or a researcher, PGIMER offers a range of programs tailored to your interests and aspirations. From undergraduate courses to postgraduate studies, you can explore the fascinating world of the human body, diseases, and treatments.

Beyond education and research, PGIMER plays a vital role in providing exceptional healthcare services to patients. With state-of-the-art facilities and specialized clinics, the institute offers top-notch medical care to individuals with various health conditions.

PGIMER’s commitment extends beyond its walls, making a significant impact on the Chandigarh community and beyond. It creates employment opportunities, promotes medical tourism, and engages in community outreach initiatives.

Prepare to embark on an incredible journey into the realm of medicine with PGIMER, where you can discover the wonders of healthcare and make a difference in the world.

Introduction to Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)

Overview of PGIMER’s role as a prestigious medical institution in Chandigarh

Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) stands as a highly esteemed medical institution in Chandigarh.

It is widely recognized for its exceptional contributions to medical education, research, and patient care. PGIMER is committed to advancing the field of medicine and ensuring the well-being of individuals.

Brief history and establishment of PGIMER

PGIMER had its humble beginnings in 1962 when it was established under the Government of undivided Punjab.

It was a significant milestone when Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the hospital that is now known as ‘Nehru Hospital’ on 7th July 1963. From its inception, PGIMER has consistently strived for excellence in medical education, research, and healthcare services.

Mission and vision of PGIMER

The mission of PGIMER is to promote the highest standards of medical education, research, and patient care. It aims to train compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals who can make meaningful contributions to society.

PGIMER envisions itself as a centre of excellence in healthcare, setting new benchmarks in medical education, research, and patient-centred care. By fostering innovation, collaboration, and compassionate service, PGIMER strives to improve healthcare outcomes and positively impact the lives of people.

With its establishment in 1962 and the honour of being inaugurated by Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, PGIMER has come a long way in fulfilling its mission and vision.

It continues to shine as a premier institution, dedicated to excellence in the field of medicine, while upholding its rich history and commitment to serving the community.

Academic Programs at PGIMER

Undergraduate Medical Courses

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program at PGIMER is a comprehensive undergraduate course that trains aspiring doctors.

Students learn about various medical subjects, including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and more. The program equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat illnesses, and it also emphasizes the importance of patient care and ethics.

Allied Health Sciences Programs

PGIMER offers a range of Allied Health Sciences programs that focus on healthcare professions other than medicine.

These programs include Bachelor’s and Diploma courses in fields such as Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiotherapy Technology, and Operation Theater Technology.

Students in these programs learn about specialized healthcare techniques and technologies that support the work of doctors and ensure effective patient care.

Postgraduate Medical Courses

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at PGIMER is a postgraduate course that allows medical graduates to specialize in various branches of medicine.

Students can choose from a wide range of specialties, such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology, and Psychiatry. The program provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in their chosen specialty, enabling doctors to become experts in their field.

Master of Surgery (MS)

The Master of Surgery (MS) program at PGIMER is a postgraduate course that focuses on surgical specialties. It offers specialization in areas like General Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The program equips surgeons with advanced surgical skills and techniques, preparing them to perform complex surgeries and provide optimal patient care.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

PGIMER offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program for those interested in pursuing research in the medical field. Ph.D. students work closely with renowned researchers and faculty members to conduct research on various medical topics.

The program enables students to contribute to medical knowledge and advancements, making meaningful discoveries that can benefit healthcare practices.

Super Specialty Courses

PGIMER provides super specialty courses for medical graduates who wish to further specialize in specific areas. These courses include disciplines such as Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, and more.

Super specialty programs offer advanced training and expertise in diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions, allowing doctors to become highly specialized and provide specialized care to patients.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs

Importance of CME for healthcare professionals

Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs at PGIMER are designed to update and enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals even after completing their formal education.

These programs are crucial because they keep healthcare professionals updated with the latest advancements, research findings, and treatment modalities, enabling them to deliver the best possible care to patients.

Various CME programs offered at PGIMER

PGIMER offers a wide range of CME programs that cover diverse medical specialties and topics. These programs include workshops, conferences, seminars, and hands-on training sessions conducted by experts in the respective fields.

Healthcare professionals can choose programs that align with their areas of interest and specialization, allowing them to continually expand their knowledge and stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

The academic programs at PGIMER cater to a wide range of medical interests and career aspirations. Whether it’s undergraduate medical courses, postgraduate programs, or continuing medical education, PGIMER provides comprehensive and specialized training to nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Research and Innovation at PGIMER

Focus on cutting-edge medical research

At PGIMER, cutting-edge medical research is given utmost importance. Researchers at the institute explore new frontiers in healthcare, striving to uncover innovative solutions to medical challenges. They investigate various aspects of diseases, their causes, prevention, and treatment.

By conducting rigorous experiments, gathering data, and analysing results, researchers at PGIMER contribute to the ever-growing body of medical knowledge.

Collaboration with national and international institutions

PGIMER recognizes the power of collaboration in advancing medical research. The institute actively collaborates with renowned national and international institutions, forging partnerships that bring together diverse expertise and resources.

Collaborations enable researchers to share ideas, exchange knowledge, and work together on ground-breaking projects. Through these partnerships, PGIMER stays at the forefront of medical advancements and promotes global cooperation in the pursuit of improved healthcare outcomes.

Significance of research in advancing healthcare

Research plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare. It leads to new discoveries, innovative treatments, and improved patient care. Through research, scientists and healthcare professionals gain a deeper understanding of diseases, their mechanisms, and potential cures.

They develop new diagnostic tools, therapeutic interventions, and preventive strategies. Research at PGIMER not only enhances medical knowledge but also directly impacts the lives of patients, enabling better treatment options and outcomes.

By focusing on cutting-edge medical research and fostering collaborations with national and international institutions, PGIMER demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge.

The institute recognizes the significance of research in advancing healthcare and embraces the transformative power of scientific exploration.

Through their dedication to research and innovation, PGIMER researchers strive to make lasting contributions to the field of medicine and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Patient Care and Services at PGIMER

State-of-the-art medical facilities and infrastructure

PGIMER takes pride in its state-of-the-art medical facilities and infrastructure, which are designed to provide the best possible care to patients. The institute is equipped with advanced medical technologies and modern equipment that aid in accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

These facilities include well-equipped operation theatres, diagnostic laboratories, imaging centres, and specialized treatment units.

Multidisciplinary approach to patient care

At PGIMER, patient care follows a multidisciplinary approach. This means that healthcare professionals from various specialties work together as a team to ensure comprehensive and holistic care for patients.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, and other healthcare providers collaborate and share their expertise to address the complex medical needs of patients. This approach allows for better coordination, communication, and improved outcomes in patient care.

Specialized clinics and departments

PGIMER houses specialized clinics and departments that cater to specific medical conditions and patient needs. These specialized areas include:


The Cardiology department focuses on diagnosing and treating heart-related diseases. Cardiologists use advanced techniques such as echocardiography, angiography, and cardiac catheterization to evaluate heart health and provide appropriate treatment.


The Neurology department specializes in the diagnosis and management of conditions affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Neurologists at PGIMER employ various diagnostic tools and treatments to address neurological disorders.


The Oncology department deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Oncologists at PGIMER utilize advanced techniques such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies to provide personalized cancer care.


The Paediatrics department focuses on the healthcare needs of infants, children, and adolescents. Paediatricians at PGIMER provide comprehensive medical care, vaccinations, and developmental assessments to ensure the well-being of young patients.


The Gastroenterology department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the digestive system. Gastroenterologists at PGIMER address conditions such as liver diseases, gastrointestinal infections, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Emergency and Trauma Services at PGIMER

PGIMER also has dedicated emergency and trauma services that provide immediate and life-saving care to individuals in critical conditions.

The emergency department is staffed with trained medical professionals who are equipped to handle emergencies, accidents, and trauma cases. These services ensure that patients receive timely and specialized care during critical situations.

At PGIMER, patient care and services are delivered with utmost dedication, utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, adopting a multidisciplinary approach, and housing specialized clinics and departments.

The institute’s focus on comprehensive care and emergency services underscores its commitment to providing the best possible healthcare outcomes for patients.

PGIMER’s Contributions to Chandigarh

Employment opportunities for healthcare professionals

PGIMER plays a significant role in providing employment opportunities for healthcare professionals in Chandigarh.

As a renowned medical institution, it offers various positions for doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare personnel. The institute’s reputation attracts talented individuals from across the country who aspire to work in a prestigious healthcare setting.

By offering employment opportunities, PGIMER contributes to the growth of the healthcare sector in Chandigarh and creates a conducive environment for professionals to excel in their careers.

Promotion of medical tourism in Chandigarh

PGIMER contributes to the promotion of medical tourism in Chandigarh. The institute’s expertise, advanced facilities, and specialized clinics attract patients from different parts of the country and even abroad.

People seek specialized medical care and treatments available at PGIMER, contributing to the local economy and tourism industry.

Medical tourists benefit from the renowned healthcare services provided by PGIMER while also exploring the beauty and culture of Chandigarh.

Community outreach and public health initiatives

PGIMER actively engages in community outreach and public health initiatives in Chandigarh. The institute conducts awareness programs, health camps, and health education sessions to promote preventive healthcare practices.

It collaborates with local communities, schools, and organizations to address healthcare needs, provide medical check-ups, and raise awareness about prevalent diseases. PGIMER’s initiatives aim to improve the overall health and well-being of the community, ensuring that healthcare reaches beyond the institute’s walls.

By providing employment opportunities, promoting medical tourism, and actively participating in community outreach and public health initiatives, PGIMER contributes significantly to the growth and well-being of Chandigarh.

The institute’s impact extends beyond its core activities, positively influencing the healthcare sector, economy, and the overall health of the community.


The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) in Chandigarh stands as a beacon of medical excellence. It offers a wide range of academic programs, from undergraduate courses like MBBS to postgraduate programs like MD, MS, and Ph.D.

The institute places a strong emphasis on research and innovation, with a focus on cutting-edge medical research and collaborations with national and international institutions.

PGIMER is not just a centre for education and research; it is also dedicated to providing exceptional patient care.

With state-of-the-art facilities, a multidisciplinary approach, and specialized clinics in cardiology, neurology, oncology, paediatrics, and gastroenterology, PGIMER ensures that patients receive the best possible medical services.

The institute also contributes to Chandigarh by creating employment opportunities for healthcare professionals, promoting medical tourism, and engaging in community outreach and public health initiatives.

You can aspire to be a part of the remarkable journey at PGIMER. Whether you dream of becoming a doctor, researcher, or healthcare professional, PGIMER offers a platform for you to pursue your passion and make a positive impact on the world of medicine.

So, embrace the opportunities provided by PGIMER and let your aspirations soar high as you step into the world of medical excellence.

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