Chandigarh Golf Club

Step into the world of Chandigarh Golf Club, an enchanting place nestled in the heart of Chandigarh that will leave you amazed! If you love golf or simply enjoy nature’s beauty, this club is the perfect destination for you.

With a long and fascinating history, the Chandigarh Golf Club has grown into a marvelous spot over the years. Its vast golf course boasts winding fairways and breathtaking scenery, offering an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Picture yourself playing golf surrounded by lush greens and natural beauty!

But that’s not all – this club has so much more to offer! The clubhouse provides a cozy space to unwind and enjoy delicious meals. And if you’re a golf enthusiast, the pro shop is stocked with everything you need for a great game.

Beyond golf and comfort, the Chandigarh Golf Club is also committed to protecting the environment. They take special care to ensure the course is eco-friendly, making it an even more delightful place to explore.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or someone seeking a day of fun, this club has something extraordinary in store for you. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the wonders of Chandigarh Golf Club and immerse ourselves in the joy of golf and nature!

Introduction to Chandigarh Golf Club

Location and Background

Chandigarh Golf Club is a captivating oasis nestled in the vibrant city of Chandigarh, India.

The club’s location is one of its unique features, as it is strategically situated near Sukhna Lake, enveloped by the picturesque Shivalik Hills. This stunning setting adds to the overall charm of the club and creates a tranquil ambiance for visitors and members.

Established many years ago, the Chandigarh Golf Club has a rich history that dates back to its inception. Over time, it has evolved into a prominent destination for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The club’s history is deeply intertwined with the development of Chandigarh as a well-planned city designed by the renowned architect, Le Corbusier. Its establishment aligns with the city’s vision of providing recreational spaces for residents and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Purpose and Importance of the Club

The Chandigarh Golf Club serves as a haven for golf aficionados who can indulge in their passion for the sport amid lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes. The purpose of the club is to offer an exceptional golfing experience to its members and visitors from all walks of life.

Beyond its role as a golfing paradise, the club holds immense importance for the community. It fosters a sense of community spirit, where people come together to share their love for golf and forge new friendships.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness and outdoor activities, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals.

Chandigarh Golf Club’s significance extends beyond the realm of sports and leisure. The club has also embraced eco-friendly practices to conserve the environment, making it an environmentally responsible entity. Its commitment to sustainability sets an example for other establishments and inspires positive change in the community.

History of Chandigarh Golf Club

Founding and Early Years

The history of Chandigarh Golf Club traces back to its foundation, which dates to a significant period in the city’s development.

The club was established in the early years of Chandigarh‘s inception as a planned city in the 1950s. It was envisioned as a recreational space where residents and visitors could engage in the sport of golf and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

During its early years, the golf club had a modest beginning, with a basic golf course layout and limited facilities. However, it quickly gained popularity among golf enthusiasts, and its serene location near Sukhna Lake became a major attraction.

Growth and Development Over Time

As the years passed, Chandigarh Golf Club underwent substantial growth and development. With increasing interest and support from the community, the club expanded its golf course and added modern amenities to enhance the overall experience. The club’s management and members worked together to transform it into a top-notch golfing destination.

In line with Chandigarh’s reputation as a well-planned city, the golf club underwent careful expansion, maintaining the harmony between the course and its natural surroundings. The addition of well-designed pathways, green spaces, and a clubhouse further elevated the appeal of the club.

Notable Events and Achievements

Over the years, Chandigarh Golf Club has hosted numerous prestigious golf tournaments and events. These events attract golfers from across the country and even internationally, showcasing the club’s stature in the golfing community.

Apart from hosting tournaments, the club has achieved several milestones. It has produced talented golfers who have represented Chandigarh and India in various competitions, bringing laurels to the club and the nation.

Moreover, the club’s commitment to environmental preservation has been recognized, earning accolades for its eco-friendly practices on the golf course. It stands as a beacon of sustainable practices in the realm of sports and recreation.

The Golf Course at Chandigarh Golf Club

Description of the Golf Course Layout

Number of Holes

The golf course at Chandigarh Golf Club is a sprawling and challenging 18-hole course. Each hole presents a unique set of obstacles, making the game exciting and engaging for players of all skill levels.

The layout is carefully designed to offer a mix of difficulty and scenic beauty, creating an unforgettable golfing experience.

Scenic Beauty and Landscape

The golf course’s location near Sukhna Lake and the Shivalik Hills provides a breathtaking backdrop for the game.

Lush green fairways wind through the undulating landscape, offering panoramic views of nature’s beauty. The tall trees, shimmering lake, and picturesque hills make it a serene and tranquil environment for golfers to enjoy their game amidst nature’s splendor.

Facilities at the Golf Course

Clubhouse Amenities

The clubhouse at Chandigarh Golf Club is a hub of comfort and relaxation. After a challenging round of golf, players can retreat to the clubhouse to unwind and socialize.

The clubhouse offers comfortable seating areas, where players can share stories of their games and experiences. Additionally, it houses a restaurant serving delicious meals and refreshments, providing a delightful dining experience.

Pro Shop and Equipment

The golf course boasts a well-equipped pro shop that caters to all the golfing needs of players. From premium golf clubs to golf balls, apparel, and accessories, the pro shop has a wide range of high-quality equipment available for purchase or rental. Friendly staff members are always ready to assist golfers in finding the right gear to enhance their game.

Membership and Activities

Types of Memberships Available

Chandigarh Golf Club offers various types of memberships to cater to different preferences and needs. One of the primary membership categories is the “Full Membership.”

This membership grants individuals full access to all the club’s facilities, including the golf course, clubhouse amenities, and participation in events.

For those who may not have the time for regular play, the club also offers a “Social Membership.” Social members can enjoy access to the clubhouse, restaurant, and social events, but they do not have full golfing privileges.

Additionally, there are special memberships available for juniors, allowing young golf enthusiasts to develop their skills and become a part of the golfing community.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of Chandigarh Golf Club comes with a range of exciting benefits. Firstly, members have unlimited access to the splendid golf course, providing ample opportunities to improve their golfing skills and enjoy the sport in a serene environment.

Membership also grants individuals access to the clubhouse, a perfect place to relax and socialize with fellow members. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and offers a chance to make lasting friendships with people who share a common passion for golf.

Moreover, being a member allows participation in exclusive club events, such as member-only tournaments and social gatherings, making each day at the club a delightful experience.

Golf Tournaments and Events

Intra-Club Tournaments

Chandigarh Golf Club hosts a variety of intra-club tournaments for its members. These tournaments are exclusive to club members and provide a chance to showcase their golfing skills and compete with fellow members. Intra-club tournaments promote friendly competition and camaraderie among the club’s golfing community.

Inter-Club Competitions

Apart from hosting in-house tournaments, the club also participates in inter-club competitions. These events bring together golfers from different clubs, allowing them to represent Chandigarh Golf Club and compete against players from other clubs.

Inter-club competitions encourage healthy competition, and they provide a platform for golfers to measure their skills against a broader field of players.

Other Recreational Facilities

Tennis Courts

Chandigarh Golf Club isn’t just about golf; it offers a range of exciting recreational facilities, including tennis courts.

The club boasts well-maintained tennis courts where members and visitors can indulge in the thrilling sport of tennis. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, these courts provide an excellent space to practice and enjoy friendly matches with fellow enthusiasts.

Swimming Pool

For those seeking a refreshing escape from the summer heat, the club features a sparkling swimming pool. The pool area offers a perfect spot to cool off and relax after a round of golf or a game of tennis.

Lifeguards ensure the safety of swimmers, making it an ideal place for individuals of all ages to take a dip and enjoy the water.

Fitness Center and Sports Offered

In addition to golf and tennis, Chandigarh Golf Club has a fully-equipped fitness center to cater to the health and wellness needs of its members. The fitness center houses modern exercise equipment, allowing members to engage in various workouts and fitness routines.

Beyond golf and tennis, the club offers a diverse range of sports to cater to different interests. These may include badminton, table tennis, and more. The club encourages a holistic approach to recreational activities, promoting physical fitness and overall well-being.

Visiting Chandigarh Golf Club

Location and Directions

Chandigarh Golf Club is conveniently located in the heart of Chandigarh, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. The club is situated near the famous Sukhna Lake, which serves as a recognizable landmark for navigation.


Sector 6, Chandigarh, 160019

For those driving to the club, the main entrance is accessible from the Madhya Marg Road, a major thoroughfare in Chandigarh. Visitors can use GPS navigation or ask locals for directions to reach the club effortlessly.

Operating Hours and Admission Policies

Chandigarh Golf Club operates on specific timings throughout the week. The club is generally open for members and visitors during daylight hours. It is important to note that the operating hours may vary depending on the season and special events.

Regarding admission policies, the club warmly welcomes visitors who wish to explore the premises and experience the serene environment. However, certain areas, such as the golf course and specific facilities, may have restricted access for non-members during tournaments or special occasions.

Contact Information for Inquiries

For inquiries, visitors can reach out to the club’s administration through various means. The club’s official website provides contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, where individuals can direct their queries.


0172 274 0327

Additionally, the club’s social media pages often share updates, event schedules, and contact details. Interested individuals can follow these pages to stay informed about the latest happenings and events at the club.

Testimonials and Reviews

Feedback from Club Members

The Chandigarh Golf Club receives glowing feedback from its members, who express their satisfaction and delight with their experiences at the club.

Many members praise the well-maintained golf course, noting the challenging yet enjoyable layout. They appreciate the club’s efforts in creating a serene ambiance, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Members also express their gratitude for the warm and friendly atmosphere at the clubhouse. They commend the staff for their attentive service, making every visit to the club a memorable one.

The clubhouse amenities, such as the restaurant and social events, receive high praise for their quality and enjoyable experiences they offer.

Moreover, members appreciate the various intra-club tournaments and events organized by the club. They find these events not only competitive but also a great way to interact with fellow golfers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

Reviews from Visitors and Guests

Visitors and guests who have experienced Chandigarh Golf Club also share positive reviews about their time at the club. Many highlight the stunning views and well-maintained golf course, making it a great place for a leisurely round of golf or a day out in nature.

The warm and welcoming ambiance of the clubhouse also receives appreciation from guests. They enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff, creating a pleasant experience during their stay.

Moreover, visitors who participated in inter-club competitions or attended special events hosted by the club mention the seamless organization and enjoyable experiences. They often express their eagerness to return for future events.

Overall, testimonials and reviews from both club members and visitors paint a favorable picture of Chandigarh Golf Club. Positive feedback about the golf course, clubhouse amenities, and the welcoming atmosphere showcases the club’s commitment to providing an enjoyable and memorable experience for all who visit.


Chandigarh Golf Club is a captivating destination that blends sporting excellence and natural beauty. Its 18-hole golf course, surrounded by the scenic Shivalik Hills and Sukhna Lake, offers an unforgettable experience for golfers of all levels.

The club goes beyond golf, providing recreational facilities like tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a fully-equipped fitness center.

The club’s welcoming ambiance and friendly staff have earned praise from members and visitors alike. Intra-club tournaments and inter-club competitions add excitement and foster a sense of community.

With convenient location and operating hours, visiting Chandigarh Golf Club is a delightful experience. Positive testimonials and reviews highlight the club’s commitment to creating enjoyable memories for all who explore its wonders.

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